TAB 2019

The September 12th club-talk promises a debate on today’s burning architectural issues

A club-talk panel discussion will take place on September 12th at 1:15 pm at Kultuurikatel (Cultural Hub) as part of the TAB sattelite programme, which promises an emotional discussion on the key issues of contemporary architecture. Everyone is welcome to the panel discussion titled “Are you still in charge? Smart Technologies have changed the perspective of architecture”, the event is free of charge.
Participants in the panel discussion are: Raul Järg (Estonian Centre for Architecture, Chairman) as the moderator, Martin Thalfeldt (Professor at TalTech Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture / Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Research Group), Merylin Rüütli (Member of the Management Board of the Digital Construction Cluster), Jukka Patrikainen (ABB Country Manager, Baltic Countries) and Jonas Söderström (ABB Area Sales Manager Nordics, Electrification, Smart Buildings).
“Smart solutions are becoming an integral part of buildings – it is imperative to put technology solutions to work homogeneously and to achieve energy efficient use of a building,” said the moderator of the panel discussion, Raul Järg. “Building design is thereby becoming more complex and complicated. In the panel discussion, we want to find out how the parties see their role in this. Are the roles, competences and responsibilities of the parties changing and how? Whether at all, and who is driving the changing processes? What has changed in the design of buildings by 2030 and what is the role of the architect in that?”
Jukka Patrikainen, ABB Country Manager, Baltic Countries, added that today many different parties are involved in the design and construction of facilities and dwellings: contracting entities, architects, constructors, builders, component suppliers, users, etc. The goal is to find the best possible solution for everyone.
“Modern technologies have entered architecture irreversibly, buildings and everything around us is getting smarter all the time,” said Patrikainen. “To ensure providing what today’s facilities demand – beauty, functionality, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, quality, sustainability – all parties must work closely together. That’s why input from architects is also very important to ABB – so we know what they need from us. Today we are sitting at one table, but our menu is not quite the same. I hope the TAB is a big step on both sides, leading closer to each other.”
TAB Club is an information hub and a meeting place. You are welcome to enjoy movies, workshops and open talks. Free of charge for everyone.
TAB-Club programme runs throughout the Opening Week 11-13th of September from 10-18:00. Location: Tallinn Creative Hub, Traforoom.