TAB 2019

The lighting solution created for the curatorial exhibition introduces smart technology

The 5th curatorial exhibition „Beauty Matters“ of Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB), held at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Rotermann Salt Storage, uses an automated lighting solution which is a part of ABB’s large portfolio of intelligent building control solutions. The idea of ABB’s light solution is to imitate light from dawn to dusk. The exhibition and our lighting solution will continue to be open for visitors until November 17th.


ABB provided the scene lighting solutions requested by architects Yael Reisner and Barnaby Gunning as part of the TAB curatorial exhibition. The idea of the architects was to place the exhibition visually on a city street, where installations would be located between the birches and the lighting solution would imitate the time from sunrise to sunset.


The engineering solution was in line with the designer’s vision

To implement the idea, we used various automation solutions that allow us to show the time and colour scene of the lighting change non-stop, 24/7. The colour scene lasts for 30 minutes, from dark to light and then smoothly back to dark, and is synchronized with the music of Estonian young musicians.

Eduard Smagin, ABB’s building automation engineer who led the TAB’s curatorial exhibition’s light solution project, admits that it was his first experience providing a solution for such a project. “At first, it seemed difficult to implement an electrical project without the usual, solid technical requirements. Therefore, it was a very interesting project for us. We came up with a technically feasible solution from ABB that matched the description of the curator Dr. Yael Reisner and the designer Barnaby Gunning,” notes Eduard Smagin.

Although this particular solution was done for the first time by ABB engineers, the extensive experience to date provided the opportunity to come up with the best solution in the given conditions. „Of the solutions we offered, the control solution of blinds’ RGBW (RGBW – Red, Green, Blue and White light) colour scene was singled out. At the exhibition, it is synchronized with the music of Estonian young musicians, which creates a wonderful mix. The system we have built has great potential for development – the installed logic module allows you to configure up to 3,000 logic scenes – which enables to demonstrate ABB’s ability to create special solutions,” Smagin explains.


Advantages of smart systems

The whole system’s “brain” is an automation control panel that the ABB engineers made as simple as possible for the regular user – we installed an “All ON” / “All OFF” push button on the front door to turn the entire pre-programmed system on or off. In the switchboard there are DIN-rails equipped with automatic circuit breakers for lines, power supply units, RGBW dimmers, the logic module and an IP router for remote control. “I coordinated even the smallest details with Barnaby Gunning, the designer. Despite changes to the original design half-way of implementing the project, the experience was positive – we rarely have the opportunity to implement a much more artistic idea than a lighting solution in a living or business space,” the ABB engineer says.

He added that the exhibition project provided an opportunity to realize ideas in a more informal way that could not be done in conventional projects with high technical requirements, such as office building solutions. The ABB’s building automation engineer emphasizes that the solution created for the TAB curatorial exhibition is far from demonstrating the top of the capabilities of ABB’s solutions. “Our product and solution portfolio is very broad. We work side-by-side with the clients to create tailor-made solutions that meet their needs. Tailor-made solutions are a daily routine for us, ” Smagin, the building automation engineer, explains.

Watch a time-lapse video of the curatorial exhibition’s lighting solution.

The curatorial exhibition „Beauty Matters“ is open until November 17th at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in the Rotermann Salt Storage.

The Curatorial Exhibition of TAB 2019 in the Museum of  Estonian Architecture is supported by Headline Partner ABB, who is a multinational leader in the field of smart technologies for the control of buildings.

The TAB exhibits in the Museum are illuminated by an automated lighting solution that is part of ABB´s wide portfolio on intelligent building control solutions. 

Focus in employing smart building technology is to significantly reduce energy consumption while enhancing ambience, increasing comfort and providing a healthier indoor climate.  

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