TAB 2019

The construction of Installation Competition winning proposal “Steampunk” has started

The construction of the winning proposal “Steampunk” for the Installation Competition started this Monday and by the beginning of September the 4 meters high pavilion made of bended wood and constructed in mixed reality environment will be standing in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture.


The competition titled “Huts and habitats” was won by Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham (Fologram, AU), Soomeen Hahm Design (UK), Igor Pantic (UK) in cooperation with Format Engineers (UK) with a pavilion made of steam-bent timber elements, using analogue tools augmented with the precision of mixed reality environments.


It explores an adaptive design and fabrication system that is resilient to wide tolerances in material behaviour and fabrication accuracy, occupying a fuzzy in-between that is neither purely analogue nor purely automated.


Team members Gwyllim Jahn and Cameron Newnham from Fologram explore how building directly from mixed reality environments can extend the skills and capabilities of builders. They build tools that dramatically improve the ability of conventional craftsmen and construction teams to fabricate structures with significant variability in parts, form, structure, texture, pattern and so on, and in many cases completely reverse design viability as impossibly expensive and difficult proposals become straightforward, low risk and cheap. Complex designs can now be fabricated on standard building sites, with cheap materials and tools, and without expensive expertise or design documentation.


The installation is built from ash wood that can be bent more easily than any other timber. To give more strength to the structure parts of the installation are made from thermally modified wood that is produced by Estonian company Thermory,  the world’s leading manufacturer of thermally modified environmentally responsible hardwood. The process makes wood more durable in different weather conditions from extreme cold and snow to direct sun.


Steampunk will open to the public during TAB 2019 Opening Week on September 11th, 2019.  The structure will remain in place until the next edition of the event in 2021.