TAB 2019

Installation Competition winning proposal is Steampunk

The international open two-staged competition challenged architects to design and build an experimental wooden installation in the heart of Tallinn.

“The winning project challenges the idea of the primitive hut showing how, by using algorithmic logic, simple raw materials can be turned into a highly complex and inhabitable structure”, asserts Gilles Retsin, TAB 2019’s Installation Programme Curator.

As material expertise and traditional craftsmanship gradually succumb to the promises of bespoke design customisation via CNCN machines and 3D printers, the team has focused on a hybrid approach that reinterprets the primitive tools of architecture from a contemporary perspective.

The winning project Steampunk is a proposal for a pavilion made of steam-bent timber elements, using analogue tools augmented with the precision of mixed reality environments. It explores an adaptive design and fabrication system that is resilient to wide variations in material behaviour and fabrication accuracy, occupying a fuzzy in-between that is neither purely analogue nor purely automated. Steampunk explores a path to rethink applications and traditions of craft in pursuit of their evolution.  

Steampunk authors:
Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham (Fologram, AU), Soomeen Hahm Design (UK), Igor Pantic (UK)

The installation will be built in August 2019 in the lively pedestrian green areafacing the Museum of Estonian Architecture and will open to the public during TAB 2019 Opening Week on September 11th, 2019
The structure will remain in place until the next edition of the event in 2021.

Installatsioonivõustluse võidutöö STEAMPUNK

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