TAB 2019

TAB catalogue + “Architectural Design” = € 35!

There is a special offer at the Museum of Architecture’s book corner:  purchase TAB 2019 catalogue “Beauty Matters” together with Architectural Design’s “Beauty Matters. Human Judgment and the Pursuit of New Aesthetics in Post-Digital Architecture” (Wiley, UK) and the price is just € 35!

The curator and editor of both editions is Dr. Yael Reisner, the head curator of Tallinn Architectural Biennial TAB 2019. Both editions are drawn from an interdisciplinary interest in beauty and its symbiotic relationship with architecture. These publications bring together different authors in the fields of neuroscience, mathematics, philosophy and architecture. However, they all share the conviction that beauty matters. Emerging forms of beauty and the importance of aesthetics in architecture are discussed. The editions complement each other in substance and cover the work of various scholars and architects who create new aesthetics in practice as well as in theory.

The catalogue is sold in Lugemik and Puänt bookstores in Tallinn and will soon be available in Amazon as well!