TAB 2019

TAB 2019 Satellite Programme extends from dance performances to music projects inspired by architecture

The Satellite Program presents very different projects and mediums that all somehow relate to this year’s Biennale’s topic “Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty‘‘. 

The aim of the Satellite Program is to show the close links between architecture and other fields; and to bring different projects to the city to give everyone an opportunity to find something interesting and admirable.

“The participants come from places form all over the world, from Estonia to India, who are dealing with aesthetics in their projects and concepts” says the curator of TAB 2019 Satellite Programme, architect Kirke Päss. “The selection includes research workshops, video installations, impressive performances, architecturally inspired music projects, photo, layout and installation exhibitions. Satellite, interviews, online radio broadcasts, and public excursions to architectural bureaus to show the tent behind this specialty. ”

Projects are concentrated in North Tallinn (Noblessner, Telliskivi Creative City, Gallery Positiiv) and Rotermanni quarter, and most of these take place during the official opening week of TAB 2019. 

TAB 2019 events will be brought closer to the audience with the help of IDA Radio and Man.TV. During this period, the architects turn into DJs and take over the music program of IDA Radio Man.TV sets up a series of interviews in a TV show format during the opening week and produce a movie that will premier during the same week. The series will be produced in cooperation with students of EAA.

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