TAB 2019

TAB 2019 partner Thermory missions to bring sustainably modified wood closer to people living in urban spaces

As a world’s leading producer of thermally modified wood and sauna materials, Thermory is striving to create innovative solutions that enhance the urban environment and leave a lasting impact. In partnership with this year’s Tallinn Architecture Biennale Thermory is providing its wood for the innovative Steampunk installation and helps to furnish the TAB-Club area together with the students of Estonian Academy of Arts.


“We are happy to have the opportunity to partner up with the region’s largest architecture and urban planning festival that promotes architectural culture. At Thermory we strive to create innovative solutions that enhance the urban environment we live in, bringing high-quality real wood closer to people in their homes, offices and public spaces. This year’s Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a great representation of that for us,” said Chief Marketing Officer Andres Kangur.


Thermory uses environmentally responsible methods and materials. Sustainably sourced ash and pine are used most. They are both excellent for interiors as well as exteriors, homes and also public spaces. 


In addition to increasing the durability of wood, thermal modification adds several other properties to timber that make it a highly sought-after building material. With improved dimensional stability, the wood will stop reacting to changes in humidity and temperature, which is why it is an excellent material for exterior cladding and decking as well as saunas and flooring with underfloor heating. 


The wood simply absorbs less moisture than unmodified wood, it has a reduced risk of mildew and mold, and it endures heat better. All this while retaining the natural properties of wood with several improved features, including a beautifully deep and even tone.


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