TAB 2019

Video projection “Frocking Up”

Satellite Programme



Noblessneri Foundry

Videoprojection can be seen 14.09 at 19:00-00:00

Lead author: Leanne Zilka / co-author: Caitlyn Parry / artistic direction: Alyona Movko / industry partner: Eventech // AU, EE

Frocking up is a video installation on the facade of Noblessner foundry. It raises the question of architecture as fabric. Fashion is skilled at dictating what is beautiful and what is not, and we rely on fashion as individuals to express our culture, and identity. Architecture also expresses beauty, identity, and culture but at the scale of the city. If the city is made up of urban fabric – architecture is the garment. To celebrate the Tallinn Biennale, a building will be given a makeover – frocking it up for the occasion through a giant projection to express the critical role of architecture in culture.