TAB 2019

The Toilet Manifesto – Beauty of Mundane Infrastructures

Vabaduse väljaku tunnel

Mad(e) in Mumbai: Mayuri Sisodia, Kalpit Ashar // IN
Exhibition about Indian outdoor toilets and their ambitios transformation proposals on the wall of Freedom Square Tunnel

This Synopsis addresses an Exhibition titled ‘The Toilet Manifesto’ that we developed to address the decrepit state of public toilets in India. The Exhibition draws out a new vision of these public amenities as objects of art & beauty and sensitive public buildings. The focus is to revive these derelict buildings through the medium of beauty & Architecture so that the sanitation crisis could be solved and we find meaningful, multidimensional & joyful public buildings in everyday lives of our city.

Imagination of sanitation infrastructures:
We perceive sanitation infrastructure as merely an Engineering or plumbing system that is utilitarian in nature & fulfills its function. In India, the Toilets have been associated with something dirty and were traditionally located outside one’s house. Today, the domestic bathrooms & toilets have evolved as spaces of luxury & pleasure but the public toilets still remain in miserable state. They are generally maintained poorly, and fall into derelict state very soon after construction. The Open Defecation is one of the critical agenda of all post independent government of the country. Despite mass producing millions of household, public & community toilets, the issue is far from resolution.
The historical Architecture of baths, toilets & water infrastructures in India celebrated these mundane experiences of our everyday lives & offered beauty & pleasure in small acts of cleansing your body. Taking inspiration from them, we created a vision document for these public buildings so that their Architecture & experience can be celebrated & the most mundane moments of our lives could be turned into most beautiful ones.