TAB 2019

Opening of the Curatorial Exhibition and TAB Installation

TAB 2019 Curatorial Exhibition “Beauty Matters” and TAB Installation “Steampunk” opening takes place on September 11th at 7 pm in the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

The exhibition “Beauty Matters” elevates the status of beauty and its role in exploring new architectural beauties. The result is newly designed habitation projects that focus on Tallinn but have global implications, creating a conduit for the experience of beauty.

Curator Dr Yael Reisner
Exhibition design: Yael Reisner with Barnaby Gunning
Exhibitors: Sou Fujimoto Architects (Tokyo, Japan), soma architecture (Vienna, Austria), March studio (Melbourne Australia), KTA – Ott Kadarik, Mihkel Tüür (Tallinn, Estonia), Kadri Kerge (Tallinn, Estonia / New York, USA), Elena Manferdini (Los Angeles, USA), Barnaby Gunning and Yael Reisner, Space Popular (London, UK), Arne Maasik (Tallinn, Estonia), Paula Strunden (London, UK), Jakob and Nathan Tulve (Tallinn, Estonia), Indrek Must (Tallinn, Estonia).

More information about the Curatorial Exhibition:

The exhibition will stay open until 17.11.2019