TAB 2019

Installation “Another Campo Marzio”

Exhibition will stay open from 12.-15. of September. 12:00-19:00

Outpost Office (Ashley Bigham & Erik Herrmann) with Oliver Popadich // USA

Another Campo Marzio is an ongoing set of software experiments by Outpost Office ruminating on the destabilising capacity of the digital format, which often radically collapses history and scale through acts of digital translation. This tendency echoes the engravings of Piranesi in his original Campo Marzio etchings, wherein the artist freely recombined fragments with little or no regard for historical or archaeological accuracy. The code draws from a library of plans, recombines urban fragments and synthesises them into continuous, potentially infinite patterns. The project leverages historical plans to suggest impossible and fantastical situations while destabilising the order and totality of the original fragments.