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Architecture film “Moriyama-san”

Architecture films



KUMU auditorium

Directors Louise Lemoine & Ila Bêka
France/Italy 2017, 63 min
In English with English subtitles
The film will be screened on September 4, at 18.00 in Kumu.
Introduction by architect Tomomi Hayashi.
Free of charge

Moriyama-San is a documentary about Yasuo Moriyama – a Japanese art, architecture and music enlighted amateur who lives in one of the most famous contemporary Japanese architecture, the Moriyama house, built in Tokyo in 2005 by Pritzker-prize winner Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA).
Introduced in the intimacy of this experimental microcosm which redefines completely the common sense of domestic life, Ila Bêka recounts in a very spontaneous and personal way the unique personality of the owner: a urban hermit living in a small archipelago of peace and contemplation in the heart of Tokyo. From noise music to experimental movies, the film let us enter into the ramification of the Mr. Moriyama’s free spirit.
Moriyama-San is the first film about noise music, acrobatic reading, silent movies, fireworks and Japanese architecture.

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