TAB 2019

Exhibition “Mies. TV – Architecture backstage” Opening

The exhibition will stay open until 29th of September.  TAB special edition trailer screening at TAB Gala. Full movie soon to be published.

Paula Brücke, Arian Lehner, Theresa Margraf, Chiara Desbordes + Estonian Academy of Arts students team // AT & international

Mies. TV is an international architecture-interview show by students, mediating for the first time this years’ TAB2019. They are discussing with the architecture-thinkers of today and the architects of tomorrow, in order to provide audio and visual content for a global audience. With the goal to initiate discussion on the topic, resolve understanding and reflect on how the role of an architect is changing.  The project is fueled by the enthusiasm of young, motivated students documenting their journey and experiences through the places of ideas – visiting architects in their offices, talking with them at their desks piled high with hard drives, books and empty coffee cups – and this time, their exhibitions in the biennale. Mies. TV will offer a video installation exhibition of their previous shows and a movie evening. Additionally to the exhibition, they will make a special show out of the TAB 2019 in collaboration with the local architecture students. 

Sponsors: Goethe Institute, The Embassy of Austria and Estonian Academy of Arts