TAB 2019

TAB Conference Programme: Symposium

Beauty Matters. Just Like Love, It’s Real


Tallinn Creative Hub / Kultuurikatel

The 2-day symposium is geared for architects of all ages, from Estonia and abroad, and for the general public, who particularly interested in culture, and wish to catch up with the now in different disciplines, such as architecture, neuroscience, neuroaesthetics, poetry, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and related digital technologies to these fields.  The list of participants includes distinguished scholars, and leading architects and designers. 

The experience of beauty is similar, in architecture, poetry, mathematics, music, or the arts.  It is characterized by qualities such as elegance, profundity, originality, clarity, seriousness, significance, ambiguity, and the list go on.  It is quite striking to reveal how significant visual thinking is for intuition and good design, how subjectivity lead us a long way in creative activity, and how beauty is related to all of that.

The symposium aimsat genuine interdisciplinary debates. Different panels will discuss why beauty matters today, how come it was dormant for about eighty years, and will reflect on new buds of beauty in architecture.