TAB 2019

Satellite Programme


TAB 2019 Satellite Programme offers an opportunity to showcase accompanying exhibitions and creative ideas in various locations in the heart of Tallinn during Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019.

TAB 2019 Satellite Programme is curated by Estonian architect Kirke Päss.

TAB Satellite Programme participants:


Location: Noblessner Homeport
Time: 14th of September 18:00-19:00

Nick Luscombe, Paul Bavister, Solen Fluzin, Cara Courage, Iram Quraishi, Kirke Päss. // GB, EE

Musicity organises a concert series of 10 Estonian artists who have created a piece of music for buildings in Noblessner area. 


Location: selected architecture offices in Tallinn
Time: 13th of September 16:00-18:00

Selected Estonian architecture offices will open their doors to visitors on 13th September for an open architecture offices tour. TAB wants to offer visitors and local architecture friends an insight how the best local architects spend their working hours.
The list of selected architecture offices will be announced soon.


Location: Noblessneri Homeport
Time: opening event 14 September at 19:00.

Leanne Zilka, Alyona Movko // AU, EE

A giant video projection to express the critical role of architecture in culture.


Location: Telliskivi Main Square
Time: 12 September 17:00-22:00


Elusive Beauty is a multidisciplinary project converting dancing human figure into an ongoing installation.

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2019

Location: Põhjala factory, Marati 2
Time: Workshop 09-15 September. Exhibition opening on September 14 at 16:00.

Stefano Carnelli, Pablo Conejo, Mattias Malk // IT, ES, EE

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2019 is  a 6-day programme of walks and talks, practice and theory.


Location: Telliskivi Creative City main square
Time: 12 September 16:00-23:00

Julio Barreno Gutiérrez, José Luís Bezos Alonso // ES

The installation uses balloons as a tool to influence the public space while covering the existing surface with a repetitive object layer.

Individual Parts in Individual Units

Location: Estonian Museum of Architecture
Time: exhibition opening 13 September at 19:00. Exhibition will stay open 14 September- 17 November.
*Workshop takes place in Estonian Academy of Arts 10-13 September.

Curators: Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam
Tutors: Manuel Jumenez Garcia, Andreas Köerner, Viki Sandor, Damjan Minovski

Workshop is looking at ways of introducing humanscale articulation in construction by developing protocols of modulation, the investigations are based on different examples from Estonian 20th century housing. Inspired from four historical examples the tutors are askedto combine material qualities and available production methods to come up with quasiautomated models of modular assemblies. Series of resulting small installations will be presented within the permanent exhibition „Space in Motion“, Museum of Estonian Architecture. The models will be exhibited next to the original models, establishing a close dialogue between the historic precedent and the contemporary architectural approach.

Project forms a part of Future Architecture, the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public. Project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The Neighbour Builds

Location: Gallery Positiiv, Roo 21a
Time: exhibition opening 14 September at 18:00

Arvo Wichman // EE

Arvo Wichman’s exhibition The Neighbour Builds values the masculinity and caos of a building process that will become a hidden part of every beautiful building.


Location: Gallery Positiiv, Roo 21a
Time: exhibition opening 11 September 18:00. Exhibition will stay open 09-14 September.

Kristel Schwede // EE

Kristel Schwede’s  installation experiments with the consciousness of the viewer.

IDA Raadio

IDA Raadio (EE) is an independent online community radio based in the city centre of Tallinn, Estonia. In collaboration with TAB IDA will host several talk & music shows with the curators, architects and creators of TAB 2019. Programs to listen: Intro (about the happenings and events in TAB), IDA Folder (TAB presented personas choosing music), Meie Igapäevane Avalik Ruum (about large scale urban and architecturel questions).

Beauty is around

Location: Noblessner Homeport
Time: 12 September at 17:00. Installation will be open 11-30 September.

Rikkert Paauw // NL

With local resources (waist) Rikkert Paauw will compose a spatial intervention for the duration of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 to show what was already there.

Alone in Four Walls

Location: Several locations in Tallinn.

u And. architects, Karoline Kurysheva, Liudmila Delarova // RU

“Alone in Four Walls” is a project aimed at breaking the internal limitations/boundaries of a person by means of contemplating and searching for new beauty around a conventionally defined space.

Paradisiacal Samplings

Despoina D. Zavraka // GR

with the support of LI (Landscape inventions Initiative) and councelling of Anastasios Tellios

“Paradisiacal Samplings” is a recurring theme for architectural and landscape design studio-work, in the form of small scale structures experimenting on paradisiacal materialistic formations.

Mies. TV – Architecture backstage

Location: Estonian Academy of Arts
Time: Exhibition opening 12 September at 17:00. The exhibition will stay open until 29 September.
TAB special edition screening at TAB-Club, 15 September at 18:00.

Paula Brücke, Arian Lehner + Team // AT & international

Mies. TV is an international architecture-interview show by students, mediating for the first time this years’ TAB2019. They are discussing with the architecture-thinkers of today and the architects of tomorrow, in order to provide audio and visual content for a global audience. With the goal to initiate discussion on the topic, resolve understanding and reflect on how the role of an architect is changing.  The project is fueled by the enthusiasm of young, motivated students documenting their journey and experiences through the places of ideas – visiting architects in their offices, talking with them at their desks piled high with hard drives, books and empty coffee cups – and this time, their exhibitions in the biennale. Mies. TV will offer a video installation exhibition of their previous shows and a movie evening. Additionally to the exhibition, they will make a special show out of the TAB 2019 in collaboration with the local architecture students. 

13. Another Campo Marzio

Another Campo Marzio

Location: Telliskivi Creative City main Square, Telliskivi 60a/5
Time: Opening 12 September 18:00. Exhibition will stay open until 30 September.

Outpost Office (Ashley Bigham & Erik Herrmann) with Oliver Popadich // USA

Another Campo Marzio is an automated drawing apparatus celebrating the inherent beauty of useless machines. The installation uses a piece of mundane office equipment (a dot matrix printer) to produce infinite notations of imaginary cities. 

The Activity Room

Mae Köömnemägi, Ljudmilla Georgieva ja EKA arhitektuuriteaduskonna tudengid // EE

The Activity Room is a result of a workshop at Estonian Academy of Arts that focused on mobility and architectural environments. 

Solid Meetings

Anni Zupping // EE

Video installation and dance performance by Anni Zupping, a Tallinn based choreographer and dance artist. Anni has been previously inspired by the connection between body and objects. She likes to explore movement through inanimate things that invite bodies to make a move. She will now show the physical investigation on the human body and built environment clashes. The perspective on how a human being as a moving object is relating to a still object – a wall – and where are the limits of their meetings? The performance might make you want to see your own limits, it can scare with the raw brutalism but it can also make you think about and curate the space differently. Performers: Stella Kruusamägi ja Katrin Kubber.


Location: Põhjala Factory, Marati 2
Time: opening 14 September at 16:00.

Nils Koenning and Stephanie Neumann // DE

The exhibition aims to overlay fragments of multisensory memories from the House of Statistics, a contemporary witness of a collective memory of transformation, into the existing fabric of a space in Tallinn that is undergoing a similar process.