TAB 2019

Satellite Programme


TAB 2019 Satellite Programme offers an opportunity to showcase accompanying exhibitions and creative ideas in various locations in the heart of Tallinn during Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019. We are looking for exhibitions, installations, happenings. Including spacial designers and thinkers, the invitation is also directed to a diverse selection of professionals from other fields. The idea can be presented as an exhibition or a 10 minute performance, as a music or dance piece or a scientific experiment, a workshop or an excursion connected to this year’s Biennale’s topic “Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty‘‘.

Different locations offered vary from public pedestrian tunnels, popular shopping centres and cafes to galleries and public area locations in the Tallinn City Centre. We invite architects, designers, artists, curators and anyone who would like to showcase their work to the international audience of TAB and reach a wider public in Tallinn’s local scene.

TAB 2019 Satellite Programme is curated by Estonian architect Kirke Päss.

TAB Satellite Programme participants:


Nick Luscombe, Paul Bavister, Solen Fluzin, Cara Courage, Iram Quraishi, Kirke Päss. // GB, EE

Location: Noblessner

Musicity organises a concert series of 10 Estonian artists who have created a piece of music for buildings in Noblessner area. 


Leanne Zilka, Alyona Movko // AU, EE

Location: Kalev Spa

A giant video projection to express the critical role of architecture in culture.



Location: Telliskivi Main Square

Elusive Beauty is a multidisciplinary project converting dancing human figure into an ongoing installation.

4. Urbiquity Urban Lab 2019

Stefano Carnelli, Pablo Conejo, Mattias Malk // IT, ES, EE

Location: Põhjala factory

Urbiquity Urban KLab 2019 is  a 6-day programme of walks and talks, practice and theory.

5. gloBALLOONing

Julio Barreno Gutiérrez, José Luís Bezos Alonso // ES

Location: Rotermanni väljak

The installation uses balloons as a tool to influence the public space while covering the existing surface with a repetitive object layer.

6. The Neighbour Builds

Arvo Wichman // EE

Location: Gallery Positiiv

Arvo Wichman’s exhibition The Neighbour Builds values the masculinity and caos of a building process that will become a hidden part of every beautiful building.

7. Hereinafter

Kristel Schwede // EE

Location: Gallery Positiiv

Kristel Schwede’s  installation experiments with the consciousness of the viewer.

8. IDA Raadio

Several programs to listen: about the happenings and events in TAB.

9. Beauty is around

Rikkert Paauw // NL

Location: Noblessner

With local resources (waist) Rikkert Paauw will compose a spatial intervention for the duration of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 to show what was already there.

10. Alone in Four Walls

u And. architects, Karoline Kurysheva, Liudmila Delarova // RU

Location: Kultuurikilomeeter

“Alone in Four Walls” is a project aimed at breaking the internal limitations/boundaries of a person by means of contemplating and searching for new beauty around a conventionally defined space.

11. Paradisiacal Samplings

Despoina D. Zavraka // GR

with the support of LI (Landscape inventions Initiative) and councelling of Anastasios Tellios

“Paradisiacal Samplings” is a recurring theme for architectural and landscape design studio-work, in the form of small scale structures experimenting on paradisiacal materialistic formations.

12. Dodecaphonic Cube

Bernardas Bagdanavičius // GB

Location: Volta Galerii

Dodecaphonic Cube is a sound instrument, expressed and appreciated exclusively as an art object, which is autonomous and self sufficient and represents aesthetic ideal of “pure form”.

13. Mies. TV – Architecture backstage

Paula Brücke, Arian Lehner + Team // AT & international

Location: Eesti Academy of Arts

Mies. TV is an international architecture-interview show by students.

14. Another Campo Marzio

Outpost Office (Ashley Bigham & Erik Herrmann) with Oliver Popadich // USA

Location: Volta Galerii

Another Campo Marzio is an automated drawing apparatus celebrating the inherent beauty of useless machines.

15. The Toilet Manifesto – Beauty of Mundane Infrastructures

Mayuri Sisodia, Kalpit Ashar // IN

Location: Volta Galerii

The Toilet Manifesto is a dream that contemplates on beauty of the most mundane Infrastructure of Indian cities & villages.

16. The Activity Room

Mae Köömnemägi, Ljudmilla Georgieva ja EKA arhitektuuriteaduskonna tudengid // EE

Location: Tallinn Airport

The Activity Room is a result of a workshop at Estonian Academy of Arts that focused on mobility and architectural environments. 

17. Solid Meetings

Anni Zupping // EE

Video installation and dance performance by Anni Zupping, a Tallinn based choreographer and dance artist.

18. Transformtator

Nils Koenning and Stephanie Neumann // DE

Location: Kultuurikilomeeter

The exhibition aims to overlay fragments of multisensory memories from the House of Statistics, a contemporary witness of a collective memory of transformation, into the existing fabric of a space in Tallinn that is undergoing a similar process.