TAB 2019

ABB as the competent partner of the community of architects

Although ABB is involved as the gold partner of TAB in Estonia for the first time, the company has had close cooperation with architects globally already for years.  ABB is a partner for several major architecture events such as the World Architecture Festival, Leading European Architects Forum, within the frames of which the prestigious ABB LEAF Awards takes place and etc.

ABB has clearly expressed that they wish to be a competent partner of the community of architects. Regarding the fact that today the architectural solutions are expected to be environment and human friendly, ABB is one of the few that could provide full portfolio for establishing up-to-date and modern buildings and premises.

Today good design does not mean only good appearance, but involves also the intuitive usability of the buildings, premises and the related equipment. ABB as the provider of world’s leading smart homes, buildings and mobility solutions knows very well how to integrate these properties into a whole.

ABB intelligent and automatic lighting solutions, air-conditioning appliances, heating and motion sensors increase energy efficiency and make the ensuring of security easier than never before. The digital solutions can be surely remotely controlled which gives full control to the user on the one hand and full freedom on the other.

Almost everything can be guided in the smart building by remote control: blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning equipment, door communication etc. All this has been created to make the everyday life smarter as well as thereby easier.

Although each building has its own peculiarity and “soul“, ABB Ability™ platform enables to connect hundreds or even thousands of equipment to the system to ensure even higher control and energy efficiency just in the specific building. ABB systems use open standards such as KNX that enable to integrate also external equipment and find always the most efficient solution.