TAB 2019

Elena Manferdini among the protagonists of TAB 2019

View of the installation through the iPad AR App

Atelier Manferdini, Elena Manferdini, Los Angeles 2018


Digital age landscape paintings are blurring the border between real and fantastic, still and living. Italian engineer and architect Elena Manferdini is taking part both in the TAB 2019 Symposium and Curatorial Exhibition. Manferdini is the principal and owner of Atelier Manferdini that operates from Venice, California. The firm has completed art and architectural projects in the US, Europe and Asia. Notable among the firm’s projects are the Pavilion for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Bianca, a three stories boat in Japan, and a series of interior design renovations in Los Angeles.


But Manferdini also lectures frequently, and her work has been exhibited internationally in both architecture and art museums.

Her installation for exhibition “Beauty Matters” – titled “Wall Flower” – is a participatory work that is created by the viewer.

“Wall Flower” aims to update both the relationship between the viewer and the work and between painting and architecture, by focusing on natural representation. The project takes as a point of departure landscape and still life, both classical exercises in form and style that painters employed to build their technical expertise. First used as a pedagogical routine to teach perfect and faithful representation, over time they became instead the critical differentiation of styles. This led to increasingly abstract and far-from realistic depictions. In the current digital epoch, where what is ‘real’, what is a rendering, and what falls in between is increasingly unclear, using the tropes of painting can open up a dialogue between Wall Flower and these questions of representational fidelity.


Elena Manferdin will perform in the Symposium “Beauty Matters. Just Like Love, It’s Real” on 12th September in dialogue with Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic and Space Popular.