TAB 2019

Curatorial Exhibition. KTA’s installation The Utopian Tick is a happy reunion of at least three utopias

TAB is excited to introduce KTA as one of the participators in the exhibition “Beauty Matters”, curated by Dr Yael Reisner.


Tick is an arachnid that latches upon warm-blooded animals. The installation is a happy reunion of at least three utopias – the utopia of modernist housing, the utopia of energy-efficient reconstruction and the utopia of vernacularity.

The concept of utopia includes perfection that never materializes in reality.


“The ideas of energy efficiency, livable environments and beauty are materialized in real life in a strange way that can make the spoke person of these ideas jerk,” says architect Ott Kadarik, one of the authors. ”We try to question the universality of this beauty, believing it as a social construct rather than a physiological or mathematical inevitability. That is why this topic and task were intriguing for us. ”

KTA believes that it is good if we can live with less waste, of course. But still it happens that under the slogan of “saving energy”, we actually tend to spend a lot of the same energy on producing building materials and using them on construction sites. Many materials are toxic, can be environmentally harmful to produce, or unhealthy to live in. Each solution comes with a number of new problems. Total insulation can lead to some of its own oddities.


So Tick is an illustration that combines different social aspirations into an exemplary fabricated scene that adds other aspects – parts of life that utopia itself does not touch.