TAB 2019

Vision Competition

“New Habitats, New Beauties” Speculations for Tallinn 2019


No one can define beauty in simple terms, nevertheless, we know that its experience is often identified with certain qualities. Mathematicians—who, unlike architects, never stopped believing in the role of beauty—knowingly, and comfortably list surprise, significance, clarity, profundity, or ambiguity, as some of its characteristics, and they point out that when order takes over disorder, ‘all falls into place.’ This pleasing moment is something that architects are familiar with too and it is a well known step towards beauty.

In our time, beauty is not a singular idea but its plurality prevails, hence we are looking for new architectural beauties.


The TAB Vision Competition received 80 submitted projects out of which the following winners (by project codes) were chosen:

1st place TAB Vision Competition: Lines Rehab
2nd place TAB Vision Competition: Voxel Valley
3rd place TAB Vision Competition: Eatable

Honorable Mentions:
4 Life Buildings
Self-sufficient habitat
Tetris Tallinn
Relation Hood


The site of the 2019 Vision Competition is the east side of Kopli, part of Kalamaja, and adjacent to the railway lands that will, in the near future, become an important new part of Tallinn.


Download the Vision Competition Brief and the Competition Site Documentation.


Digital submissions and hard copies must be received by 23:59 EET (21:59 GMT) on 16 January 2019. Entries that are not DIFOT (Delivered In-Full, On-Time) will not be considered.

The winning project codes will be announced in February 2019. Winning authors will be announced in September 2019 during the award ceremony at TAB 2019.


First prize €4000
Second prize €2000
Third prize €1000
+ five honourable mentions.
All project entries will be will be exhibited as part of TAB 2019.


Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

Architect, Founding Partner Snøhetta, Oslo

Jaak-Adam Looveer

Architect and a city planner, Tallinn Urban Planning Department

Margit Mutso

Architect, Eek & Mutso Architects, Tallinn